Dune Racers

Additional information

Designer – Milan Zivkovic

Artist – Milan Zivkovic

You know what day it is, it’s a Race Day!

Game Overview

Assign 3 cubes, one for the player on the right, one for the player on the left and one to keep. After that, use cubes that you got to move your pod. Player to cross the finish line first wins. Modular track size and game length.


  • 18 cards
  • 1 Rulebook (1 page)

Additional Component Required

  • 4 player marker/cubes (4 different colors)
  • 12 cubes (4 in each color red/yellow/blue)
  • 1 coin (or any kind of active player marker)

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Game Layout

Dune Racers

Players: 1-4
Duration: 20 Min
Age: 6+

USD $2.99

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