Buds and Blooms

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Designer – Mark Tuck

Artist – Mark Tuck

Rival gardeners compete to grow the tallest, most attractive flowers for the annual flower show.
Will your sunflowers be spectacular or simply second-rate?
Will your marigolds be magnificent or merely mediocre?

Players play cards to their flower beds to increase the height of their flowers and attract bees and butterflies. The taller the flower, and the more attractive it is to insects, the more points it will be awarded. Each flower bed has its own particular rules for playing cards to it.

You can help your blooms grow even higher by discarding the right card at the right time to create some favorable weather conditions. And your garden tool cards, with their special abilities, will also come in useful. The gardener whose flowers score the highest at the end of the game will be awarded Best in Show!

In the solo game you will be competing against increasingly trickier rival gardeners.


  • 54 Cards
  • Rulebook (3 pages)

Additional Components Required:

  • None

Buds and Blooms

Players: 1-2
Duration: 10-30 Min
Age: 8+

USD $2.99

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