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Designer – Peter C. Hayward

Artist – Kelly Jo

Publisher – Jellybean Games

You command an army of the undead! Using your zombie horde, beat your opponents to be the first to collect valuable treasures.

Brains! is a graveyard-building game for 2-5 players. Each turn, either DRAW 2 cards, PLAY a card, or DISCARD the top card of the deck.

Discarded cards enter your graveyard, which can trigger powerful effects or unlock ongoing abilities!

When you play a card, either play it to THE PIT (for its ability) or into your collection (for its braaaiiiiiins). The first to have 21 or more brains at the start of their turn is the winner!

The third game in the Treasure Hunters line, Brains! shuffles together with Ninjitsu! and/or Scuttle!, for pirate-ninja-zombie mayhem. It also works seamlessly with the Treasure Hunters Expansions.


  • 44 Cards
  • Rulebook (6 Pages)

Additional Component Required

  • 5 Gravestones (can be replaced by any token/marker)


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How-to-Play Video


Players: 2-5
Duration: 5-10 Min
Age: 8+

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