Airships and Automatons

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Designer – Benny Sperling

Artist – Benny Sperling

Publisher – Roll and Write Revolution

In Airships and Automatons players play as an Automaton that can convert into an Airship and back again. They will be traveling around their city sheet completing tasks with dice rolls. Certain areas require the player to be an Airship while other tasks require the player to be an Automaton. Further still, there are two spaces that can be used by either.

Players will have to move each turn, 1 space as an Automaton or up to 2 spaces as an Airship. They will use their dice to Convert, move an extra space or two, or activate their area of the City. Players also gain powers and create combos by completing tasks in the City.

Opportunities arise for players who are playing quickly to trigger a bonus by moving back into Area 1 of the City which allows all players to Convert, but the triggering player to earn a special bonus.

The game plays over 12 revolutions of the City sheet. Each revolution will last a number of rounds determined by the players. Will they play fast? Will they play slow to do all of the actions? The choices are plenty!

Scoring is done for each area with the players having a grand total at the end. The winning Automaton will have to master the clock as well as plan ahead each time focusing to maximize areas so they can outscore their rivals.

Airships and Automatons can be played solo or with up to 4 players. There are suggestions for how to combine the airships and automaton cards, but with this print and play format, players can create any number of combinations they choose. Additionally, printing out a set of cards for each player allows them to choose their own combinations and see if their own skill can beat their opponents when using the same Airship/Automaton combination!

Get ready to roll and write in this all new Steampunk game!


  • 4 converting cards

  • Player sheets: 1 per player

  • Reference card

Additional Components Required

  • Writing utensils

  • 3 six-sided dice of one color

  • 1 six-sided die of another color

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Airships and Automatons

Players: 1-4
Duration: 20-60 Min
Age: 12+

USD $3.99

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