5150 Star Navy Total War

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Designer – Ed Texeira

Artist – Marco Primo

Publisher – Two Hour Wargames


“Without The Star Navy,
There Is No Star Army!”


“The Star Army motto is “We take the war to the enemy; one planet at a time.” They do a fine job of it, but we take them to those planets, and we get them back. And unless we do our job, they can’t do their job. So listen up Cadet and I’ll tell you how we do it…”


In 5150: Star Navy – Total War you can command one Ship or a Fleet if you like. Your job is simple; sweep the stars of the enemy. For you it’s not who the enemies are but where they are. Your Missions will range from hunting Pirates to Flying the Flag and in between you’ll be fighting other Factions and Races, all intent on seeing your Ships turned into debris.
Sound good? Then let’s get started and remember.


“Without The Star Navy,
There Is No Star Army!”


You’ll find everything you’ll need to play an exciting Ship to Fleet Level Sci-Fi immersion space combat game designed with Solo, and Co-op play in mind. Want to play head-to-head? Yep, you can do that too. In 5150: Star Navy – Total War you start as a Ship Commander and try to raise you Rank as high as it can go. Inside you’ll find:

  • Rules for ship combat from Ship to Fleet size.
  • Seven different Factions and Races for you to play as and against.
  • Four pre-made Mini-Campaigns.
  • Detailed Boarding Actions played on the Battle Board to compliment your ship battles.
  • Over 120 color cardstock Ship and Marine Counters. 

Additional Components Required:

  • Six-sided dice, also known as d6. It is best to have at least six of these and the more you have, the quicker the games will play.

  • Any combination of metal, plastic, or paper models in a consistent scale of your choice. Heck, you can play with counters – we’ve included some – or pen and paper if you really want to. It’s your game!

  • A 3’x3′ flat surface, but you can play with a larger or smaller one if desired. Or use the Battle Board (page 21) we’ve included. Depends on the size Ships you choose to use.

No physical product will be shipped.  This is for instant download only.

5150 Star Navy Total War

Players: 1-4
Duration: 60-120 Min
Age: 12+

USD $9.99

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