5150 Company Commander Total War

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Designer – Ed Texeira

Artist – Marco Primo

Publisher – Two Hour Wargames

The Wars Have Been Going On For Years.


“ The Gaea Prime Empire is still hungry and still has many enemies, including a new one – the Zhuh-Zhuh. The Bug menace is at its worse and everyday there are reports of Hishen gains, closer and closer to the Home World. Darkness is coming and the body count is growing.”

I like to think we’ve got them where we want them.

You’re a Platoon Leader in command of three Squads. You can lead the Gaea Prime soldiers, Hishen clones, Grath ravagers, Zhuh-Zhuh “monkey boys”, heck even bone crunching Bugs, it’s all up to you.

Although we’ve increased the size of your games, we’ve kept the detail from 5150: Company Commander – Total War while streamlining the mechanics. Now you can play with more figures in less time.

In short, more fun, less work.

You don’t even feel the bumps anymore, too many jumps for that. Damn, the soldiers are getting younger and younger or maybe you’re just getting older? The green light flashes and you run your final check. All’s good and you brace for touchdown. Bam! The door drops and your squad piles out immediately coming under fire. The last thing you remember is …


  • Rules and Scenario (45 Pages)

Additional Components Required

  • Six-sided dice, also known as d6. It is best to have at least three of these and the more you have, the quicker games will play.

  • Rulers, ideally one per player.

  • Any metal, plastic, or paper figures in a consistent scale of your choice. 15mm and 28mm figures work as written.

  • Something to represent buildings and other Terrain features.

  • A 3’x3′ flat surface, but you can play with a larger one if desired.

No physical product will be shipped.  This is for instant download only.

5150 Company Commander Total War

Players: 1-4
Duration: 60-120 Min
Age: 12+

USD $9.99

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