Wire to Wire

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Designer – Ed Teixeira

Artist – John Hogan, Cheryl Ann Quigley

Publisher – Two Hour Wargames (THW Game Design)


Once a year in early May, the sports world stops and takes note. It’s the running of the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing. It’s a time where the casual fan and the hardcore handicapper share the rail as they watch to see if there will be another Triple Crown winner.

But horse racing is much more than the Derby. It’s the come from behind winner, the wire to wire runner, the long shot that defies all odds as it bolts across the finish line in dramatic fashion.

Wire to Wire brings the excitement of thoroughbred horseracing to you in three different ways.
As a jockey you make all the decisions as to setting the pace, moving up, and finally when to make a run for the finish line.
As a handicapper you bet on the horses, not only to win but also in the Daily Double and Exactas.
And as an owner you take your horse from auction to winner’s circle by deciding which races to enter and which jockeys to hire.

In Wire to Wire we provide over two hundred horses in thirty races for you to use. And if that’s not enough we’ll show you how to build your own horse! Wire to Wire can be played solo or competitively, head to head. We’ve included a track, horses, and everything else you need to run your races. In fact, we’ve provided a Power Point version that you can play right on your computer!

So lay out the track, grab some dice and get ready for some fun.

Wire to Wire, THE horse racing game!


  • Rules (45 pages)
  • The Track
  • 70 Counters
  • Racing Card
  • Player Aid Card

Additional Components Required:

  • Six-sided dice; recommended 3 or more per player 

No physical product will be shipped.  This is for instant download only.

Wire to Wire

Players: 1-8
Duration: 90 Min
Age: 16+

USD $4.99

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