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The Lady and the Tiger

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Designer – Jose Manuel Alvarez, Kevin Carmichael, Peter C. Hayward, JR Honeycutt, Ken Maher, Philip Tootill, Allysha Tulk

Artst – Tania Walker

Publisher – Jellybean Games

The Lady and the Tiger is five games in one!

Doors: A 2-player deduction game by Peter C. Hayward.
Favor: A 2-4 player auction game by Allysha Tulk and Kevin Carmichael.
Hoard: A solo game by Ken Maher.
Labyrinth: A 2-player maze game by Philip Tootill.
Traps: A 2-6 player bluffing game by JR Honeycutt.

Inspired by the classic short story “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank R. Stockton, each game offers a unique experience. Five amazing games, packed into just eighteen unique cards!

With stunning, evocative art by Tania Walker, The Lady and the Tiger is perfect for couples, families, ladies, tigers, and anyone who enjoys bluffing games.


  • 5 Rulebooks (not more than 3 pages for each)
  • 18 Cards
  • 25 Tokens

Additional Component Required

  • None


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The Lady and the Tiger

Players: 1-6
Duration: 15-20 Min
Age: 6+

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