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Designer – Ryan Mayes

Artist – Ryan Mayes

In Supermarché, you own a grocery store and your goal is to make money! Not only are you responsible for keeping the shelves stocked but also buying food at low prices to make a profit. Your customers are demanding, so you better have what they want. Will you sell everything before it spoils? Will you be successful? Or will your store go under?


  • Game Board
  • 30 Customer Cards
  • 6 Distribution Center Cards
  • 5 Sale Tokens and 2 Money Tokens

Additional Component Required

  • 2 x D6 Dice
  • 50 Cubes (5 colours of 10 cubes each)
  • 2 pawns

Game Overview

As a grocery store owner, your goal is to make the most money over six rounds.  Each round consists of five phases: Preparation, Delivery, Stocking, Customer, and Waste.  For the Preparation Phase, you’ll buy food from the Distribution Center.  Every round the costs at the Distribution Center change, so make sure to buy wisely.  The food types in your grocery store are Produce, Bakery, Dairy, Dry Goods, and Frozen.  During the Stocking Phase, you’ll stock the shelves and hope to offer your customers the best selection.  You can also put items on sale during the Stocking Phase, Customers come and shop during the Customer Phase.  Each round, you will have five possible customers, and each one will buy a different number of items.  If you do not have what a customer wants, you will lose sales and suffer a penalty.  Make sure to plan wisely because the food will spoil if it isn’t sold.  You’ll get rid of spoiled food during the Waste Phase, lose whatever money you spend on it, and get penalized.  The game ends after six rounds, and hopefully you’ve made a profit.  However, if at any time, your money drops below $0, you lose.

Game Layout

How to Play Video


Players: 1
Duration: 30 Min
Age: 10+

USD $0.00

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