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Steampunk Admirals

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Designer – Mike Heiman

Steampunk Admirals is a skirmish card game where two people duel in steampunked WWI ironclads. Each player manages three dreadnoughts that are fighting over the dominion of the solar system. The rules of engagement from the Treaty of Venus after the First Worlds War limit acts of aggression to one-to-one ship combat. Ships that are badly damaged or out of energy often have the option of warping away and allowing another dreadnought take its place. But if your opponent anticipates it, she can block your escape. However, if she tries to do that and you did not try to Swap Out, her turn is wasted. Thus the main mechanics of this game are rock-paper-scissors, bluffing, and energy/damage management.


  • 18 Ship Cards
  • 16 Aircraft Cards
  • 1 Regular Deck of Playing Cards

Additional Component Required

  • 106 Small Cubes

Sample Card:

Admiral Ship Card

Steampunk Admirals

Players: 2
Duration: 15-30 Min
Age: 12+

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