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Squirrel Island

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Designer – Rasmus Karlsson, Robin Karlsson

Artist – Robin Karlsson

Squirrel Island is a card based game in which you will gather as many nuts as possible over a series of 4 rounds.

When the first nut falls, the game to gather nuts begin. Use your stamina to recruit squirrels and purchase items to help you gather more nuts than your opponents. The winner will be the one who has gathered most nuts at the end of the last day. But you will also add your stashed nuts which might give you a surprise victory!

Squirrels with Loops give you more resources while Unique squirrels have abilities that change the way you play. Find the most efficient nut-producing strategy from the cards in your hand and on the island to win.


  • 120 cards
  • Stamina, First-Player, Nut and Coin tokens
  • 4 Player Tiles and Mats
  • Island Board

Additional Component Required

  • None

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Squirrel Island

Players: 2-4
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 10+

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