Soccer 17 & Team cards expansion

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Designer – Jack Darwid

Publisher – Jack Darwid Games

Soccer 17 is a 2 Players soccer game with only 17 cards, in about 17 minutes.

Each Player represents a team in a soccer match. Each turn, represents 3 minutes in the match, each Player plays 1 Action card face down. Attacker may play Dribble / Pass / One-Two, Defender may play Press / Block / Anticipate / Tackle.

Reveal both cards. If Defender can predict Attacker’s action, Defender has taken the ball successfully. If not then Attacker may execute the action, it can be a Shot on Goal, move the ball one Area forward, and/or get a Star (bonus for Shot on Goal).

The Tackle card is very powerful because can defeat both Pass and One-Two actions, but if Attacker plays Dribble then it’s a Foul: Defender must discard the Tackle/Rebound card until the end of the half and Attacker gets a Free Kick or Penalty.

The ball will go back and forth as each Team tries to find an opening to make a good Shot on Goal. A Shot on Goal: Defender holds 6 Chance cards in front of him (so he can see the cards), then the attacker will take the card one by one, up to the Shot’s Strength. It gives a thrilled, scared feeling when the Attacker’s hand moving from one card to another to choose. “Don’t pick this, don’t pick this” or “take that one, take that one” will echo in Defender’s head, and the eye contact will add another layer of bluffing.


  • Rulebook (2 pages)
  • 17 cards + 8 Team cards

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  • None

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Soccer 17 & Team cards expansion

Players: 2
Duration: 17 Min
Age: 6+

USD $4.99

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