Rescuing Robin Hood

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Designer: Bryce Brown

Artist: Paul Vermeesch

Publisher: Castillo Games

Rescuing Robin Hood is a collaborative deck-building game that takes 45-60 min and plays 1-3 players (PNP version; actual game plays 1-5 players). Robin Hood has been captured! As the leaders of the Merry Band you have only 5 days to come to his rescue, using all the Wit, Brawn and Stealth you can muster. Each turn you work together to rescue villagers captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men. As more people are rescued new villagers join your side. Once you have built up your Merry Band you select your dream team, storm the castle, and fight one final battle to rescue Robin Hood!


  • 120 Cards
  • 40 Tokens
  • Major Oak Board
  • 3 Trackers
  • 1 Reference
  • Rulebook (11 pages)

Additional Components Required:

  • 48 attributes tracker cubes (12 of one colour)

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Rescuing Robin Hood

Players: 1-3
Duration: 60-90 Min
Age: 10+

USD $4.99

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