Punctuation Pirates and their Grammar Galleons

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Designer – James R. Orr, Robert Zumbrun

Artist – Robert Zumbrun

Punctuation Pirates and Their Grammar Galleons is the first game created by Robert Zumbrun and James R. Orr, a games created by teachers for students, to use in the classroom. This game has been a longtime passion for both these teachers, first proto-typed in 2011 and used in the classroom since It has been extensively played by students and teachers alike, and so much fun and joy has come from gameplay. This print-and-play version is for used for all teachers, students, or any who enjoy a good game of piratey fun.

A game of piracy, adventure on the high seas, and historical facts and fun about pirates. Fun for all those who know everything is better with pirates, even if pirates are grammatically incorrect.


  • 1 Map
  • Rulebook (40 Page)
  • 202 Game Cards
    • 20 Main Deck Cards
    • 24 Boardside! Cards
    • 150 Buried Treasure Cards
    • 8 White Flag Cards

Additional Component Required

  • 1 Timer
  • 8 Game Pawns

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Sample of Map

Introductory Video

Punctuation Pirates and their Grammar Galleons

Players: 2-20
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 10+

USD $4.99

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