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Power Surge


Additional information

Designer – Aleksandar Saranac

Artist – Maja Majkic

In Power Surge: Cyber Security Academy – The Card Game you play a cadet of the Cyber Security Academy, learning to fight criminal minds lurking on the web.
For this, you will play Power cards, that can be used in multiple ways, either for their attack value or for their individual special powers.
3 individual nemesis are offered in this print and play – easy Practice Doll, medium difficulty Gate Defender and very difficult Dark Star. Each nemesis requires different strategy to be defeated.

Game Summary

Game offer two modes – solo mode with 28 cards in draw deck (including card selection mini game) or 2 player cooperative mode with all 56 cards.


  • 56 Power Cards
  • 4 Nemesis Mats
  • 7 Security Tiles
  • 16 Avatar Cards
  • 2 Avatar health bars
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • Rulebook (9 Pages)
  • Counters and tokens (some can be replaced with D20 dice, euro cubes or health tokens salvaged from other games)
    • 16 x 5 Life oken
    • 21 x 1 Life token
    • 6 x Bypass! token
    • 4 x No Upkeep! / No Attack token
    • 2 x Recycle token
    • 2 x +1/+2 token
    • 1 x Incoming Channel token

Additional Component Required

  • 2 x 8mm euro cube for tracking avatar’s life
  • 2 x wooden disk for tracking turn status on reference card

Game Play:

  1. Avatar Phase
  2. Power Phase 1
  3. Programming Execution Phase
  4. Power Phase 2
  5. Attack Phase
  6. Upkeep

Power Surge

Players: 1-2
Duration: 15-30 Min
Age: 14+

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