Mombatuk the Adventurer

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Designer – Kelvin Soong

Mombatuk The Adventurer, Journey Into The Underworld Of Borneo’s Folklore is a roll and write game.

Journey into the underworld of the Island of Borneo’s folklore as you play as a fictional character called Mombatuk. Mombatuk the unwilling hero must travel into the depths of hell to rescue his beloved from the clutches of the Evil “Pulan” ruler of the underworld. In this adventure, takes the player through the first level out of seven levels of the underworld. Fight, find items and survive the first level and beat the big baddie at the end (the gate keeper).

  • Rules (3 pages)
  • A4 size gamesheet (1 page)

Additional Components Required

  • Three D6 dice
  • Pencil
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Mombatuk the Adventurer

Players: 1
Duration: 15 Min
Age: 12+

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