King for a Day

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Designer – Mike Petty

Artist – Mike Petty, Pratama Adi Saputra

Publisher – Black & White Games

The story is told of Arleon, a land across the sea, filled with rolling hills, lush forests and majestic mountains. After many long years of war, the great clans of Arleon turned their hearts toward peace. But when it was later decided that a Ruler should be chosen to lead all the people, rumors of strife again spread from village to village. From which clan could one Ruler be selected? Would not any choice spur the others to revolt? 

But to the credit of its wise elders, peace won out. The Grand Council decided that, for a time, the leader of each clan would rule the land for just a day. For in a day no man could amass great treasures or lead armies on mighty conquests. Instead, counsel would be given only on matters of primary concern to the citizens, thus revealing the wisest and most just from among those aspired to the throne. 


  •  72 Resource cards

  • 12 Deal cards (6 from Deck A and 6 from Deck B) 

  • A Development Board for each player 

  • Scroll sheets 

  • 10 Goods tiles 

  • 35 Signature tokens 

  • Gold tokens in sizes of 5 and 1

Additional Components Required

  • One pencil for each player


No physical products will be shipped. This listing is for an instant download only.

Note: This video is from the previous version.  Some of the rules and components have changed.

King for a Day

Players: 3-5
Duration: 45 Min
Age: 8+

USD $3.99

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