Gelatinous Cube Dice

Additional information

Designer – Mike Heim

Artist – Mike Heim

Gelatinous Cube Dice placed First in the Most Innovative Mechanic category of the 2016 Mint Tin Game Design Contest, as well as placing in the top 10 of all other categories.

An action point dungeon-crawl puzzler where you assume the form of a gelatinous cube. The six-sided die represents your playing piece. As you move around the board, you flip to adjacent die-facings when moving to adjacent spaces. You will explore 30 dungeon rooms and must land on a space with the six on the die faceup in order to unlock the next room. Each level increases the difficulty, but also offers new powers as you become more gelatinous.

“…Iximl zephracoxia dissimilarity!” you chant raising your wand into the air. You can feel yourself changing; the polymorph spell worked. The doubt after mumbling through some of the more difficult words leaves you as feel the mystical metamorphosis take effect. Those adepts back at the tower won’t laugh at you anymore. Now that you’ve finally mastered the spell you’ll be able to enter the foreboding dungeon known as The Miasma Helilx, negate the protection glyphs, extinguish all of the darkfire candles, and finally destroy the Miasma Boilers at the bottom of the dun… wait a second…

Your arms begin to turn green and translucent, and before you can think about it any further the transformation is complete. You are a gelatinous cube. You cannot see or hear anything, just taste and feel. Your mind is being assailed by the gibbering language of this ooze. You must stay sharp, you must focus, you must complete your quest before the brainless blob consumes you entirely.

How to win

Get to the bottom of the dungeon (level 6) and destroy all three boilers in the last room. You must hit the rune, candles, or boilers in each room before you can proceed to the next room.

— This will take about one hour of dedicated gameplay to win. However, this game is developed so you can stop after any Room card (about 1-4 minutes of play) and put it away. You can then pick it up and continue later.


– Rulebook (2 Pages)

– 4 Page PDF to cut out the following:

  • 24 Room A Cards (biz size, cardstock)
  • 5 Room B Cards (biz size, cardstock)
  • 1 Room C Card (biz size, cardstock)
  • 1 Action Point Card (biz size, cardstock)1
  • Gelatinous Cube Card (mini size, cardstock)
  • 1 Level Reference Card (mini size, cardstock)
  • 10 Power Cards (mini size, cardstock)


Additional Components required

  • 1 medium six-sided die
  • 15 small cubes*

*4 small dice can replace 4 of the cubes as dangers.

Game Layout

Credits to Marianne Waage

Gelatinous Cube Dice

Players: 1
Duration: 15-60 Min
Age: 1+

USD $0.99

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