Additional information

Designer – Mike Berg

Artist – Mike Berg

Publisher – We Heart Games

A small-box solo card-based worker placement game that challenges you and your team to build a self-sustaining base in the hostile environment of a distant exoplanet.

Build, upgrade, and work locations in your base using 8 unique and upgradeable workers, to generate enough resources to become self-sustaining.


  • 26 Cards

Additional Components Required

  • 8 x founder pawns (any game pieces to represent this)
  • 3 x six-sided dice
  • 20 x yellow cubes
  • 25 x red cubes
  • 8 x black cubes

No physical product will be shipped.  This is for instant download only.


Players: 1
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 12+

USD $4.99

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