Escape from King Tut

Additional information

Designer – Ethan Leong, Shin Wong

Artist – Shin Wong

As a professional tomb raider, you have just raided the tomb of King Tut.  Your greed has angered the mighty pharaoh and his wrath has caused his final resting place to collapse upon itself.  With the shiny gold coins and ancient treasures in your back pack, you must now navigate a series of booby traps and mysterious sacrificial chambers to escape from being buried alive and offered as a sacrificial lamb to appease the pharaoh’s wrath…

About the Game:

Why is this worth your time?

  • The variable setup of the game provides high-replayability
  • Common tomb sheet allows for greater player interaction
  • Unique dice management system


The game is played in three simple phases:

  • Roll
  • Fill
  • Move


  • 100 Tomb Sheets
  • 100 Player Sheets

Additional Components Required

  • 5 Dice (yellow, green, white, black, red)
  • 6 different coloured pens
  • 6 meeples in 6 colours

Sample Player Sheet

Escape from King Tut

Players: 1-6
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 8+

USD $0.99

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