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Dungeon Cruller

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Designer – Brian Garthwaite

Artist – Brian Garthwaite

Dungeon delvers, deep down, demand delicious doughnuts! Build a successful underground catering business to feed the hungry hordes descending into the depths before they loot the place and never return. Can you build your retirement nest egg before the doughnut demand dries up?

Dungeon Cruller is a solitaire game of selling doughnuts to fantastic dungeon delvers and denizens. You win by investing enough extra cash into the lucrative dungeon treasure market before the doughnut business collapses. Purchase doughnuts, deliver them to shops, and upgrade the business to thrive. Low-risk strategies pay reliably, but will that be enough before time runs out? Or should you spend it all on high-risk, high-reward payoffs? A game of risk and gambling, you’ll need to sort the good bets from the bad to keep one step ahead. Are you clever enough to overcome the luck of the dice?


  • 36 Cards
  • 1 Delver Mat (beginner and normal)
  • 1 Game Board


  • 1 coin tracker mat (if not using poker chips or spare change)
  • 1 delver mat (difficult)

Additional Component Required

  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 20 8mm cubes or other small tokens
  • Poker chips or spare change
  • A straightedge

Game Layout

Dungeon Cruller

Players: 1
Duration: 25-35 Min
Age: 10+

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