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Dice of the Living Dead

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Designer – Mads Brynnum

Artist – Jeppe Lindrup Mygh

Zombies have overrun your hometown. You’ve grouped up with other survivors, and you now have to make your way to the outskirts of town and escape the undead menace. On your way you have to fight zombies, search for survivors, and dole out your limited supplies.

Every turn you roll dice trying to find the right balance between moving fast and still having time to fend off zeds. But just as every roll of the dice can help you, it also holds certain risks.


  • Rulebook (6 pages)
  • Game Sheet (1 page)
  • 6 District Tiles
  • 29 Cards 
  • 14 Tokens

Additional Component Required

  • Pen/Pencil
  • 7 six-sided dice (5/1/1 dice of different colour)
  • Cubes and Pawn (optional)

Game Layout

Dice of the Living Dead

Players: 1
Duration: 15 Min
Age: 8+

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