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Designer – Lucio Gozzi

Artist – Lucio Gozzi

Publisher – Nerdura Games

Crawlout is a solo dungeon crawler card game, bringing some fresh meat
to the dedicated dungeon crawlers out there. Kill monsters, recruit
allies, gather treasure, and survive to tell the tale. Game mechanics
are easy to learn, stress-free, and never (too much) punitive, suitable
for both young and seasoned players. Every game will be different, cause
you start your adventure with 3 random Heroes from a pool of 25.
Moreover, many Heroes can recruit new allies, turning foes into party
members. The Warlock will bring demons in the fray, while the
Necromancer can command undeads to join, and so on. Etner the dungeon
and aim for the perfect score!

You play by rolling a small pool of six-sided dice, starting with 5d6.
Once rolled, dice are placed on the number-matching dice icons of your
party cards, activating an action (left and right icons) or the skill
(central one), described in the text. The fueled actions will beat the
dungeon cards defenses, shown as round icons. You won’t meet just
creatures; snag cards represent doors, traps and other unforeseen
events, while item cards are single use effects that will give you a

A game takes more or less half an hour, depending on your playstyle and experience with the game. You can decide to play with half deck for a quick run. The game is highly replayable, cause every run will be different, like in many roguelike games.


  • 82 Cards
  • Rulebook (5 pages)

Additional Component Required

  • 10 six-sided dice

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Players: 1
Duration: 30-60 Min
Age: 10+

USD $3.50

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