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Construction Sight

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Designer – Karl Hanf

Construction Sight is a roll & write game based on the logic puzzle Skyscrapers by Masanori Natsuhara. Draw each building in your new city center using the roll of 3 dice as its width, depth and height, in any order. Each of the park benches around the city challenges you with the goal of how many buildings you want to be visible, one behind the other, along a line of sight from that bench to the city.


  • Rulebook (3 Pages)

Additional Components Required

  • Pen
  • 3 Dice (any colour)

Game Overview

Buildings are flying up in the new city center! When each new project lands in your pigeonhole at the city planner’s office, you have only partial control over what gets built where. The citizens like big buildings, some pedestrian plazas between them, and a minimum of vacant lots. But their primary concern – call it bird-brained – is the aesthetics of exactly how many structures – buildings and plazas – will be visible, one behind another, along sightlines from the benches in the park ringing the city.

Place buildings – each a rectangle with its height (1 to 6) written on it – and plazas (of height 0), to try to meet the park spaces’ goals. Each goal is a number 1-6, which is the exact number of structures – buildings and plazas – that you want to be visible from that park space along the row / column sightline from there directly into the city. A structure is visible on the sightline only if it’s on that one row / column and isn’t blocked from sight by a nearer structure of equal or greater height.

Play solo with a blank game sheet, a pencil, and 3 dice; rate your final score with the “Solo Pecking Order”. Or play with others, each on her own sheet, and win with the highest score; there’s minor interaction from tracking how ambitious the other players’ unmet goals are.

Sample Finished Game

Construction Sight

Players: 1+
Duration: 30 Min
Age: 8+

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