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Chain Reaction 2018

Additional information

Designer – Ed Texeira

Publisher – 2 Hour War Games

Chain Reaction 2018 is the latest version of Chain Reaction, originally published back in 2002. We update it every few years to give our players the game that they want. Styles of play have evolved over the years; smaller tables, less dice rolling, fewer rules tables needed; these are some of the things our players have said they wanted. The challenge is to give them what they want while retaining the excitement and uncertainty of the THW games. We’ve done it with Chain Reaction 2018.

Chain Reaction 2018 is made for games of modern firepower. Any period that uses self-loading guns is perfect for Chain Reaction 2018. Cowboys, WW2, Vietnam, Gang warfare, even some Sci Fi can be played with Chain Reaction 2018.

Chain Reaction 2018, like all THW games, is designed for solo and same side gaming against the rules. You can also play head to head, but if you want a game that never plays the same way twice, has logical and realistic artificial intelligence, and can be set up in a few minutes – Chain Reaction 2018 is for you.

The rules in Chain Reaction 2018 are generic to give you a glimpse into the THW rules system used in the other books. The other books – NUTS!, 5150, All Things Zombie add very specific rules to these generic rules, to capture the flavor of that period.


  • An 8” x 10” flat table surface – Battle Board. We’ve included one for your use.  You can also play on an empty table.

  • Rules (20 pages)

  • 40 counters

Additional Components Required

  • Six-sided dice, recommended to have 2 or more per player
  • Any combination of metal, plastic or paper figures in a consistent scale of your choice.  You can also play with pen and paper.

Chain Reaction 2018

Players: 1-4
Duration: 120 Min
Age: 12+

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