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Designer – Mike Heiman

Artist – Mike Heiman

Birdsong is a Roll-and-Write game inspired by the art and theme of Wingspan and Clever! You are a birder in a specific location spending a week spotting, listening to, writing about, and photographing birds unique to that area.

Travel to Glacier Bay, Alaska in search of Puffins.
Or head down to Big Bend, Texas to snap a prize photo of a Painted Bunting.

Maybe you just want to take your equipment and a taxi down to Central Park to listen to starlings as they return, heralding a new season.
You can also choose to search for ibis and spoonbills in Florida’s Everglades.


  • 6 Player Sheets
  • 4 pages of rules

Additional components required

  • Dry erase Marker
  • 4 six-sided dice (red, blue, green, yellow)

Objective of the Game

Have the most points after 18 days

Turn Sequence

  1. Active Player rolls all dice and chooses one.
  2. Reserve Player chooses a die.
  3. Inactive Players choose either the Active or Reserve player’s die
  4. Everybody marks off a Calendar Day.

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Sample illustrations


Players: 1-6
Duration: 10 Min per player
Age: 8+

USD $1.99

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