Alert: All Hands on Deck

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Designer – Milan Zivkovic

Artist – Milan Zivkovic

Your planet is under attack. Using your fleet you must defeat all incoming threat waves and save your planet. The game ends if you defeat 21 threat waves or if you lose all 3 ships. After that, you will calculate your high-score and acquire Pilot Rank. It is a solo game, played in hand, without a table. To defeat each wave, you need to use your ship’s actions to move and shoot threats. You can also collect power-ups and use ship’s special abilities!


  • Rulebook (5 pages)
  • 19 Cards

Additional Component Required

  • None

Sample Card

Rules Overview

Alert: All Hands on Deck

Players: 1
Duration: 10-20 Min
Age: 10+

USD $2.99

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