Adventure Post: A Path of Self-Learning

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Designer – Eric Higby, Liam Thompson, Shawn Hescock

Artist – Indi Martin, Toby Lancaster

Publisher – Geeks Collaborative Gaming

Adventure Post is a series of solo-mini-adventures delivered to your door on a postcard each week. Every week is a small portion of an overall larger campaign which will take many, many weeks to come to conclusion. The postcard will include a QR code or website address that will direct you to the weekly adventure document. The document will explain the setup, instructions, and key areas on the adventure map.

Adrift uses simplistic dice rolls for combat and interacting with the world. You play a the crew of the USF Montoya as they battle to keep their ship operational and sleeping passengers safe from harm.

A Path of Self-Learning uses simplistic character creation and dice rolls for combat and interacting with the world. There are a series of questions, all of which alter the final conflict of the game in various ways. On the 12th week (or area), the adventure will be completed and to survive is to win.

The Story:
As punishment for a crime committed against humanity, the Lord of the land has sentenced you to a Trial of Character. You must be judged against both physical and mental challenges in which you will discover who you truly are. You will learn about the three principles, Truth, Love, and Courage. You will face moral dilemmas in each of the eight virtues where your answers must be considered carefully. Finally, you will face a mighty foe in one-on-one combat. A foe whose power is a reflection of the choices you have made. Can you prove yourself worthy to earn your mantle back, Avatar?

A Path of Self-Learning is only the first adventure in a larger overall campaign. There are more adventures of different themes and new rules on the horizon.


  • Rules (72 pages)
  • Postcard sized adventure (17 pages)
  • Full sized adventure (14 pages)

Additional Component Required

  • A pencil, an eraser, four dice of two different colors, and a miniature or something to track your Avatar’s location with. With those in hand, your journey may begin.

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Adventure Post: A Path of Self-Learning

Players: 1
Duration: 10-60 Min
Age: 8+

USD $6.99

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