5150 Known Space

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Designer – Ed Texeira

Publisher – Two Hour Wargames


There’s a big ‘ol universe out there, and 5150: Known Space lets you explore it and build your own Nine Rings in the 5150 setting. In Known Space you’ll get to travel and map out your own expanded 5150 universe. Create your own Star Systems, planets, and cities to visit. Travel between Star Systems, have enhanced space travel Encounters and experience combat in Zero-G. 5150: Known Space is a supplement for 5150 – New Beginnings, but can be used with almost any game system.

Inside 5150: Known Space you’ll find:

  • A Star System Map and 70 Planet Tiles used to map out the Nine Rings quickly and easily.
  • Create your own Cities and Settlements to visit and explore.
  • An enhanced map of the 5150 ‘verse that organizes space into Nine Rings and Eight Sectors.
  • Detailed Encounter lists for each Ring and Sector.
  • Space travel rules to let you fly around Known Space.
  • Two New Encounters – Trading your own Cargo, and the epic Expedition Encounter to let you discover lost Alien ruins and Artifacts
  • Zero-G and hostile atmosphere combat rules
  • Boarding combat rules that use the Ship Tile system that allows you to fight your way across custom ship maps!
  • A 16 Encounter Mission involving the enigmatic Kabasu Aliens.
  • All this and much more.

    So, spin up your Jump Engines and…


Additional Components Required:
  • Six-sided dice, referred to as d6. It is best to have two or more per player.

  • Any combination of metal, plastic, or paper figures in a consistent scale of your choice. Heck, you can even play with pen and paper.

  • An 8” x 10” flat table surface – we call it the Battle Board (5150 NB page 43). We’ve included two for your use as well as some Counters.

  • You can also use figures and terrain for your games.

No physical product will be shipped.  This is for instant download only.

5150 Known Space

Players: 1-4
Duration: 60-120 Min
Age: 12+

USD $9.99

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