Floating Floors

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Designer – Takashi Sawada

Inspired by a book called, ‘Across the Nightingale Floor,’ by Lian Hearn as published by Hodder Headline.

My aim is that Floating Floors will provide you with an opportunity to relive the climax of the book, which was about Ninja overcoming the defenses of the Nightingale Floors, of a Japanese Castle, and overthrowing its head.

While the game has evolved, from something of an area exploration strategy game to an abstract strategy Ninjutsu dual, the scope of the original concept has remained the same and has guided Floating Floors to this state of production; which was to grant you, the player, with the role of castle defense builder and that of the infiltrating ninja.

Following the nature and purpose of actual Nightingale Floors or “Uguisubari,” you will be constructing a fortress made to be impenetrable by rival ninja, whilst navigating and mastering the floors laid before you as a Ninja yourself.

Your Mission

Be the first Ninja to cross the floating floor and reach your rival’s Base, without displacing any pieces on the map grid. You will need to construct a path, of your color, for your ninja to cross, balancing tiles from your hand, on top of Jutsu (cubes) which are on Earth Terrain.

If you displace any pieces on your turn, or cause a ninja to fall over, you are penalized and your rival is provided with an advantage. Follow link to rules, for more details on Penalties and Advantages.


  • 6 Yuka Boards
  • 6 Terrain Cards
  • Chits
  • Ninja Meeple Stickers
  • 3 Printable Dice

Additional Component Required

  • 30 black tokens
  • 30 white tokens

Game Layout

Floating Floors

Players: 2-4
Duration: 30-45 Min
Age: 12+

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