New in store 07 Sep 23

Super Space Bounty Hunter Pursuit THE BOUNTY You are a bounty hunter and you captain The Pangazou, a corvette class ship. You receive a bounty to destroy  a stolen experimental military recon gunship before the thieves escapes with it through a Jump gate to the outer rim. SUMMARY This is a game management style game […]

New in Store 10 Aug 23

Pocket Book Adventures is a solo-only, minimalist dungeon crawler that’s built for travel. Explore dozens of maps, encounter unique monsters, level up, grab loot, and do it all from a book that fits comfortably in your pocket or purse! Best of all, you can play this entire game with nothing but the gamebook and a pencil! […]

New in Store 23 Jun 23

Dungeon Maker: Deluxe! You and your fellow wizards have a bad habit of pilfering eachother’s dungeons. Over the course of 3 campaigns, you will deploy nasty beasts and banes to protect your own hoard while you use magical brews and items to successfully crawl your opponents’ dungeons. Which wizard will win with the most wealth […]

New in Store 18 May 23

Finding Fishbone Finding Fishbone is a solitaire print-and-play, roll-and-write. It involves roaming, swashbuckling, and treasure-hunting—normal pirate stuff. Each turn you roll two dice to explore a new hex in the belly of a mighty whale. Some hexes will advance the story, some will award you with pirate treasure, and others will be nasty ambushes! When […]

New in Store 11 Apr 23

The Fearsome Deities You have been sent to investigate strange events in a distant region. Loud noises and paranormal presences have been reported. In this card game you must protect your sanity level, if you completely lose sanity you will be out of the game. Each card has a MONSTER RANK in roman numbers. Creatures […]

New in store 10 Mar 23

Escape from Stalingrad Z is a solo/coop campaign game of tactical combat which is set in the horrific zombie plague of World War Two. The year is 1942 and the city is Stalingrad. Your survivors are veteran soldiers fighting to stave off the zombie hordes in a war-torn wasteland while finding a way to escape from […]

New in Store 24 Feb 23

Kingdom of Tetrahexia Agromensor, the Kingdom’s Royal Landscaper has died. The King has opened the doors of the castle in search for a new talent that would even come close to the prowess of the old designer. You are one of the many aspiring young souls vying for the title of Royal Landscaper. You will […]

New in store 03 Feb 23

Buds and Blooms Rival gardeners compete to grow the tallest, most attractive flowers for the annual flower show.Will your sunflowers be spectacular or simply second-rate?Will your marigolds be magnificent or merely mediocre? Players play cards to their flower beds to increase the height of their flowers and attract bees and butterflies. The taller the flower, […]

New in store 20 Jan 23

Torpedo Dice An epic underwater battle has erupted between enemy submarines. Torpedoes are launching left and right, targeting each submarine’s vital systems. Be the first player to destroy your enemy’s submarine by carefully drafting dice and modifying your shots — but if you run out of spare torpedoes, you will lose this battle! Torpedo Dice […]

New in store 22 Dec 22

Astral Wandering souls moving through the universe compete to be born with the best stellar alignment´s and the greatest astral potential. In your role as a soul, you must gather the greatest number of constellations related to natural elements, defend yourself, expand or frustrate the plans of other souls that are competing to reach material […]