Randomskill Games was founded in 2017 by a couple of board game enthusiasts.  The founders’ profound love for board game has propelled them to successfully fund a mafia-themed dice controlling board game (Lawless Empire) in March 2017 on Kickstarter.
With the founders’ being avid travellers and ethnically Asian themselves as was the innocent victim, their connection with the United Airline incident has led them to the creation of their second game: Overbooked.

Team Members

  • Ethan Leong
    Ethan Leong Co-Founder

    Ethan thinks that the world should get off the digital addiction and start interacting with one another the old school way. With Shin introducing him to his first board game, this has led him to his eventual interest in board games. Being intrigued with the theme of mafia, Ethan prototyped the first version of the game and this has led to what you have seen so far.

  • Shin Wong
    Shin Wong Co-Founder

    Shin is an avid gamer since young. He has always been fascinated by the ecosystem of every game and their mechanics. When he began serious board gaming in 2006, he decided that one day he will use his passion to give back to the gaming community. He thinks that digital games developed these days are simply skinner box and so he strives to bring real games to the tables.

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